Driver windows 7 x64 opengl for onboard video card

how can i make CS 1.6 work if i dont have a video card...i have a Gigabyte motherboarg G31 series....thnx
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  1. thnx man....but still doesnt opens my game but in a low resolution...800x600 ithink...and it doesnt show me the OPTION button the FIND SERVER just shows the wallpaper and thats it...i dont know how to change open my game in the OPENGL mode.....thnx anyway...but if u still have and ideea how to change i'll wait..thnx again
  2. The card has to support OpenGL to make use of it... I doubt Intel's onboard solutions are up to the task. Even if they do support OpenGL, it will probably run much slower than with an add-in card.
  3. i think it supports because a month ago it worked....after i formated my PC a few days doesnt work....since then it doesnt work....but thnx for message :p
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