Great connection: Very unstable Since new PC

I've always been running windows XP on my old PC, but it recently broke (Motherboard fried) and I got a new one. It has Windows 7. Ever since I got this computer my internet has been less stable, and I would get elastic band lag in games that I never did before.
I thought maybe one of my neighbors or something found out my password (It was my phone # after all) so I went in and changed the Wireless networks password. But that's all I changed, I assure you.

Now all of a sudden in the past couple days my internet literally shuts off for a minute or so every 10-30 minutes. If I do something that uses more bandwidth like downloading, uploading or gaming the lights for Internet and Ethernet flash like crazy. I usually thought that meant your connection was being weak because it's doing something that takes a lot of bandwidth, right? It does it all the time, even if I just change to a new page in my browser, they flash until it's fully loaded.
It's just been very unstable.
I called my ISP but I got that robot Bullsh*t. "Turn off the router for 10 seconds.", like that will help. So I came here for some real help
Any ideas? Also, the wireless light is never on, but the WiFi works fine. I'm using a Router from Bell, 2701HG-G
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  1. Looks like you have a bad line. Can you post SNR margin, line attenuation, sync rate and CRC error here?
  2. I'm not sure how to find those things, but I did find this

  3. You are losing connection for 12 times in 24 hours. I suggest changing your DSL profile to a more stable one.
  4. if your dsl is dropping train then you have line issues or a bad modem or possible a bad port at your isp's equipment. Call your isp and have them issue a line test or replace your modem.
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