Grphics overheat

I have xfx hd 5670 1gb gfx card. It stays 50*C in idle state, but when palyin heavy/new game e.g Operation raccon city, crysis 2, cod black ops, bulletstorm, temprature rises to 80*C. Even in clean situations.( I use compressed Air for cleaning gfx card). and i keep my side panel open and the cables are not hindering air flow. My location is India and Average temp here is 35 to 38 degree in early summer above 40 in mid summer.
Please provide some suitable solutions.

my sys config is as follows

asus m2n68am plus board
athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHZ
4 gb ddr2 ram
xfx ati radeon hd5670 1gb
22 inch monitor with full 1080p resolution(i play all the games in this resolution)
2x500gb hdd
1 firewire card
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  1. 80C is still acceptable, even though it is not that good. You can buy a fan and put it intake beside the GPU. Or, buy an A/C in your room, maybe it would help :P.
  2. Where is the firewire card placed? If it is directly next to the GPU you could move it down to the bottom slot to improve airflow.
  3. its in the bottom slot
  4. Does your case take more fans?

    If so they are cheap to purchase , get a couple more fans for the case to increase the air flow and to exhaust the hot air out of your case.
    Download and install MSI Afterburner , its free to use and raise your fan speed for your graphics card.
    All these measures will help reduce the temps for you cheaply.
  5. 1 psu fan, 1 80mm fan at back side blowing out hot air, and i dont use side panel so no more space for fans (i have a very normal cabinet)
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