SLI Ready PSU or SLI Certified PSU

Is there any difference between SLI ready psu and SLI certified one?
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  1. No, they are basically the same, they both support SLI.
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    Basically in order to be SLI Ready/Certified a PSU has to have a certain amount of power, and of course enough 6pin/8pin connectors to have native support for multiple GPU's without having to use molex adapters. So as long as the PSU has enough wattage, and enough connectors it is ready to support SLI.

    Hope this clarifies things!
  3. What is the difference?
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    azlotn01 said:
    What is the difference?

    Certified just means that the company just paid to have it certified, nothing more.
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  6. Thx.
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