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me again! so, im ordering that pc i have been rabiting on about in two days and have decided to change the ssd to a corsair force 3 and i was wondering if i should get the 120 gb drive or the 60gb drive as the price diference is little but im stretching the budget as it is. I was going to use the ssd as a boot drive and as storage for some games like fallout 3 battlefield 3 and skyrim. so what do you think i should get guys ( or gals).
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  1. Definitely not less than 120gb.
  2. 120 GB. 60GB fills up FAST. Windows ends up taking like 40-50GB by the time its updated, utilities and etc take up another 10. New games take maybe 5gb each. If you want more than 1-2 games on the drive you need to go bigger.
  3. Get the largest SSD you can afford. After 2 years of having a 120GB SSD I am about at the point of upgrading to a 256GB model just to have more space. I hate having to uninstall games to install new ones. Some games can be 20GB by themselves.

    Also keep in mind you need to keep at least 20% of the drive free for TRIM and garbage collection to work correctly. Since a 120GB drive formats to 111GB that is 22GB you need to keep free.
  4. Get the 120, i bought a 60 Gig SSD and after installing windows and the main Utilities i use I have little room left on my Main drive. I have to install games ect on another drive
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