Help with Gaming PC $1000-1500.

Hey all, I have been a follower of these forums for a few years now and have been impressed with the community and could use some help on a build. My current pc has been having some issues and its time to start anew. I use my PC for 100% gaming and play rpgs, fps, mmo's, a little of everything really. (skyrim, Diablo III, looking forward to GW 2, Borderlands 2.) Looking to build something that wont be outdated in 6months I hope.

Approximate Purchase Date: End of July, Early August

Budget Range: $1500.00

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I use Amazon, Tiger Direct and newegg but am open to other trusted sites.

Country: WI, US

Parts Preferences: Best bang for the buck.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, I have tried it in the past and had nothing but trouble. So I would rather not.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Might be able to reuse case, Power supply, and optical drive. Will check when I get home. Going to be running Windows 7 64 business. As for the main components here is what I was looking at. Let me know if you think something is overkill or maybe not good enough.

CPU: Intel i7- 3770k 3.5 GHz -


RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB, DDR3 -

SSD: Corsair Force GT Series 120GB -

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB -

GPU: Ge Force GTX 670 2 GB -

Now my main questions/Concerns are with the MOBO-is it solid? The SSD- what do you guys think of it? And of course the GPU- Should I go with EVGA or Galaxy or something else completely? Also is there anything I missed, IE do I need after market cooling with this setup ect...

Thanks for any feedback!
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  1. For gaming, you have too much RAM and an overkill CPU. 8GB of 1600 RAM will be sufficient. An i5 3570K will be sufficient as well.

    SSD is good, mobo is good, and EVGA is one of the best card manufacturers.
  2. I generally try to steer people away from TD. One time I ordered new parts from them, and they sent me all refurbs. Also, I've heard stories where they asked people for their SSN.
  3. Thanks obsama1, do you usually use newegg then? The ram and cpu are overkill but what about in a few years, if im gonna put a decent amount of money into it I want it to last.
  4. I buy from Microcenter. Newegg is good, but they charge tax and shipping in my state. :( MC is so cheap, so I buy from them. If you have one nearby, do not hesitate to buy from them.
  5. 1.) Get 1600 RAM. 1866 has no benefits.
    2.) PSU is a bit overkill. Get 650W-700W. However, if you plan on SLI, stick with 750W.
    3.) If you are just gaming, never get the i7-3770K. There is zero benefit. None.
    4.) GTX 670 has better bang for the buck than the 680, and for $100 less, and 80-90% of the performance, and the 670 even beats the 7970, so I advise you to save the $100 and get the GTX 670.
    5.) The EVO will overclock fine,
  6. Thanks for the quick reply's guys, the microcenter tip is awesome. Im in Wisconsin but am luckily going to the Twin Cities on business next week so I can stop at a microcenter there and save a few bucks. I am going to need a PSU after all and may need a case. Im sold on the i-5 cpu and 8gb ram. So why the Mobo, ram, and hard drive changes? Also if I end up saving a few hundred bucks you dont think it would be worth it to put it into the GPU?

    Oh and you suggest additional cooling?
  7. Apologies. Didn't check the price. For $52, buy it. 750W IS overkill unless you are doing SLI, but like you said, for future upgrades. PC games are console ports. Until consoles get hyperthreading, and games can take advantage of hyperthreading, we'll be 3-4 gens ahead of Ivy Bridge. For $100, it's not worth it. He can invest it into the GPU where it will have a bigger impact. Well, it's all up to the OP. If s/he wants a 680, go for it. Agree with you on the cooler. There are a lot of good coolers you can get for $50.
  8. Well, I'd say put $100 into a 680, and maybe the rest of the money into a different mobo if you're serious about OC'ing, peripherals, etc.
  9. Yeah, the 670 isn't 20% slower. More like 10%.
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