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Molex vs Peripheral?

Hi. I'm doing videocard and psu upgrades today. I've picked out my GPU and narrowed down my choices on PSU's to two, but one comes with 6x Molex cables and the other with 6x Peripheral cables. I'm not sure what Molex cables are, and if I'll still be able to connect my case fans to it or not.

Here's the links to the two of them. Suggestions?
antec hcg 620m
antec ea-750

Both exceed the gpu requirements (min 450w + 12v current rating of 24 amps + 2x pcie)

current: radeon hd 4350
upgrade: evga superclocked gtx 560 2gb

current: dynex 400w

EDIT: I'm also open to alternative PSU's within that $70 price point
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  1. I will go with the first one, in the end both are the same, but the first one allows to have your case a lot more tidy BUT you have to remember where you keep your molex a problem that you don't have with the second one as all the cables are there.
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    Molex connectors are the standard 4 pin connectors on all psu's where it says 6 Peripheral it means it has 6 Molex connectors also. Most Peripheral devices use molex. Case fans, lights, older HDD's. I would go with the hgc 620m as it a modular psy meaning you just plug the connectors you want into the psy and you dont have a bunch of spre cables disrupting air flow in your case
  3. Right on. Modular it is. Thanks guys.
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