8800 GTS 512 Is it broken?


I built this PC about 2 1/2 years ago and it has been stable. I recently upgraded my Nvidia Ge-force Drivers for the above card to the new 296.10. I never ever had issues playing World of Warcraft. After loading the game up and playing for about 10 mins the game froze, green particles, strange black textures, sound still played then it went into sleep mode.

I hard reset and tried and tried again..same issues. I then rolled back my drivers and crazy stuff was happening like not seeing the card etc.. I have tried the BETA drives, the last 3 versions and still the same issues. No dust in fans or case, all fans turning, I re-setted the card, used CCleaner, drive sweeper everything.

FYI I have been using my PC now for 15 mins using Google chromes and moving around with now issues. This is way I am thinking it is a driver issue..

I think it is fried but just want to run this past some experts prior to buying a new one any thoughts? Any programs which can confirm my GPU is toast?


Rolled back to 266.58 drivers and still issues.

Now other games are playing then just lock up in the same manner.


Windows Vista Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 2 (build 6002)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 [Display adapter]
LG L227W [Monitor] (23.0"vis, February 2008)
3.15 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
6144 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded
Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5QL-E Rev 2.xx
Bus Clock: 333 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 0801 10/14/2008
4096 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM0' has 2048 MB (serial number SerNum00)
Slot 'DIMM1' is Empty
Slot 'DIMM2' has 2048 MB (serial number SerNum02)
Slot 'DIMM3' is Empty


VIN1 1.74V
+3.3V 3.30V
+5V 4.90V
+12V 11.65V
VIN6 1.29V
CORE#0 46C
CORE#1 46C
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  1. Do you remember what the driver was before you updated your drivers? That is the one you need to put your GPU back to. Can you check your temps while gaming? If not use this MSI Afterburner.

    I will link it plus its user manual. I will also link you to nVidias driver finder for old drivers. I had to use it when my drivers had issues when I updated them. Good luck and let us know if anything has helped.



  2. DM186 said:
    Do you remember what the driver was before you updated your drivers? That is the one you need to put your GPU back to. Can you check your temps while gaming? If not use this MSI Afterburner.

    I will link it plus its user manual. I will also link you to nVidias driver finder for old drivers. I had to use it when my drivers had issues when I updated them. Good luck and let us know if anything has helped.




    Thank you.

    I did a clean removal, Drive Sweeper and put back on my ancient drivers 266.58 and I still have the issues.

    I install the Afterburner and enable the fan controls GPU temp was min of 42C and max of 48C so I am not overheating.

    I loaded WOW and just moved around for 3 mins and the graphics began to break up and strange artifcats all over.

    Per Afterburner, for those 3 mins I was running my GPU at 75-83% is that normal?

    I even tried the Beta 301 Nvidia drivers..

    Based on the posts I see, it appears we all have ASUS motherboards...Any thoughts?
  3. What was the temps while playing the game? You can set the Afterburner to display on the screen while playing. Yes that is about normal maybe a little less than normal. I don't know about Asus MOBO's.

    Your card could be on its way out. The only way for sure is to put another card in and see if it does the same thing of take your card and put it in another rig and see if it does the same thing.

    I am going to link you to a stress test for the GPU and also a link to a test to test your RAM. But for sure try to see if it is the card or not. Run the stress test for 30min and the mem test as long as they tell you to.


  4. Thank you. I think the card is on its way out. While playing for those 3 mins, the max temp on the GPU hit 48C so it is not overheating. Just crazy that everything was humming along as it usually does and then I install the 296.10 and reboot. I go back into the same game and BAMM as if the new drivers fried my GPU. Is that possible? I did go from 266.58 to 296.10

    Now when I reboot I get artifacts on the bios flash screen and the windows vista screen and then when it loads to my desktop the Nvidia site sees the 8800 GTS 512 card but the PC does not says it is in VGA mode :(

    So I have not been able to test those other links you provided, but I know think I am fried what do you think? Shame if the drivers did it.

    I have a friend bringing over his ASUS Raedon HD 6780 so I can swap out the cards tomorrow night.

    I will report back with the results, but advice please when switching from Nvida to Raedon video drivers. Should I
    Uninstall Nvida drivers from Control panel
    Delete all Nvidia folders and files
    Run Drive Sweeper
    shut down
    Replace GPUs
    Install drivers from the CD he wil be bringing which came with his GPU about 2 months ago

    What do you think?
  5. Yes you sould get rid of the AMD drivers and if you can down load the nVidia drivers. Use a driver sweeper I will link you to it. Now the question you ask can drivers fry your GPU.

    I have not personally seen that or even herd that before. But I do know that some cards don't get along with some drivers. I am also experiencing problems with the 296.10.

    My cards are running hotter than before and one day my system acted like I was hooked up to integrated graphics. So tomorrow I am going to roll back to the 280.26 one.

    It is good to test your friends GPU to see if it is something else. So here are two sweepers to choose from and let us know how things turn out. Good luck


  6. That 8800GTS is almost a relic at this point, but hey, they are still pretty potent cards. They were also known to overheat at times.

    It seems as if your card is not overheating though, and that your temperatures are perfectly alright, and as DM186 has said, your card might be on the way out. I had an 8800GT very similar to yours, on the same G92 core if I am correct. I got it from a buddy who thought it was fried, and I fixed it, with just a driver issue. When I was trying to get it to work, It would lock up about 3 minutes into the boot. I had to install the drivers in the time before it locked up, and it worked.

    Now that same card, after having it work for quite awhile even though observing pretty high temperatures, now will not work in any computer without artifacting.

    I have yet to really see if that is the problem, but the only reason I keep it around is because 1: I want to see if I can get it back by putting some drivers or experimenting
    2: I want to bake it. Yes, in the oven. Go look on youtube, but if it doesn't work, or it blows up, don't say you got the idea from me.

    Also, try anything DM186 says, because he is really good with this kind of stuff.

    DM186, is that what that MSI Kombuster thing is for? I never really touched it.

    EDIT: I know this has no relevance to the OP (sorry) but I just ran Kombuster for about 10 minutes and it crashed on me. The display driver crashed. Any tips? I has a pretty hefty overclock. The temps were around 75ish, but the fan was not set that high (AMD fan, super loud)
  7. OK thank you both for your input. I really do appreciate the time you took to advise me.

    OK It had to be fried by the new drivers or it was just strange timing that it fried right after installing the drivers.

    I uninstalled the Nvidia Drivers and all files and folders
    Ran Drive Sweeper
    Shut down the PC

    Began the install

    After having to move my hard drive down to fit this BEAST of a card!!! I powered up the PC and had a red light on the GPU. PC booted but no screen. we noticed we never hooked up the two white 3 prong power supplies to the power the other 8 prong PCIE connector. This card used the one I had on my old GPU and requires another one.

    I rebooted and had a screen. I noticed the disk it came with were the 2010 drivers for the card so I downloaded the new ones from ASUS and installed them without issue
    Rebooted and loaded the GPU control panel and set my resolution to 1980x1050 wide. I then ran an old version of #DMARK06 and received a final score of 15K + but the four tests on the GPU resulted in 55,59,105,87 FPS..the 2 CPU tests were horrific like 1 and 2 FPS. Strange?

    Should I try to run Kombuste that you suggested next and let you guys know the score?

    Everything is running flawless right now, but I plan on rocking Diablo 3 tonight.

    Oh and I loaded Skyrim up and it detected my new GPU and set the in game graphics to ULTRA HIGH QUALITY. When the game loaded it looked amazing but there was a little sharp small paused turning and moving..still standing still amazing!


    1) I will run Kombustee and post my results, I would like to hear your comments.
    2) Drivers I installed were the latest from 12-26-2011 8_861_Asus_Vista_Win7_WHQL.zip
    3) What else should I do to tweak this card on my 64 bit vista system
    4) do either of you guys want the fried one to investigate further? I will ship it to you?
  8. Yeah I had to reinstall my driver 280.26 today because the new driver the very one you had caused my system not to boot right and lost color in some of my gadgets on desktop and could not use maps.

    Like on map quest. Plus on my temps in games were running higher than ever before. Run the bench mark test and see what it yeilds. And not I don't need your old GPU but thanks anyway. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck
  9. Shipping is too much, but thanks. And I have enough GPU's lying around right now. Hell, there's a broken HD6850 and GTX260 on my desk right now as display pieces. I was trying to fix them, but they did not work.

    But is your friend letting you keep the Radeon 6870? Just wondering. Its one of the better power/price cards on the market right now.

    Glad you got it all working. The CPU thing for 3DMark is not fishy though, I have an overclocked 2500K and I get like 16, so.

    And if you get bored one day, try this:


    I plan to do it with the 8800GT 512 I have (also on my desk)
  10. So far so good! Yup my buddy is letting me hang onto it until I get the same one in the mail from newegg. Got it on sale for 179.99 with a $20.00 rebate card and free copy of Dirt 3. Should be here on Monday.

    I got this one (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121418), I figured after 10 hours of D3 cranked at high settings without issue and skyrim at very high settings, I will go with the same one.

    Now I am using the 12-26-2011 Drivers from the ASUS site, which are the 8_861_Asus_Vista_Win7_WHQL.zip

    I see the new drivers from ATI at 12.4 and are form 4/25/2012, however I am actually nervous about installing them lol. should I? Or will ASUS come out with a newer version for this GPU?

    I watched that video! awesome. I will have to try it, but will need to buy the compound first and try in a bud's pciE box, I only have older AGP MBs laying around.

    Thx again guys Should I roll the dice and upgrade my drivers lol???
  11. Well your card should come with a disk so it will put the drivers in there for you. I don't how true this holds up but when I got my two cards the going driver at the time was 280.26.

    And everything worked just fine. I have since then twice updated my cards and both times I have had to go back to the first driver that was down loaded. That may not be true for all cards.

    But it does make you wonder. Who knows that being the latest driver then maybe it will work. But maybe you should run a driver sweeper before you install your new card.
    Here are a couple to choose from and good luck.



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