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Hi im new here and i would like to know if my motherboard (FOXCONN P5Q Deluxe) supports processor intel core i5 3350P 3,1 Ghz, 1155

Thanks for answer!
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  1. Do you mean Asus, there is apparently no foxconn P5Q deluxe, there is an Asus P5Q deluxe which is LGA775, the i5 is LGA1155 so no it won't work.
  2. No its foxconn... So it probably wont work on this too...
  3. Well is it LGA1155, what CPU have you currently got.

    Does your mobo look like this -

    I still can't find an 'Foxconn P5Q deluxe'.
  4. Do you know what CPU you have got?

    You can download CPUID and check or go in 'my computer' and it should say at the bottom, remember i also need the model number of the CPU.

    Finding your board is going to be a pain.
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