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I know this post isn't a new subject but I was looking up at most of the posts and everyone tells different story.
Some say their 965 went all the way up to 90 Celcius and its acceptable ( ? ), others sayying 60 C is already worrying.
So I'm getting really confused since everyones got different opinion.

According to AMD website max temp for that CPU is 62 C ( manufacturers max safe temp )

I use Phenom II 965 BE + Arctic Cooling Freezer 7
Under heavy gaming my temperature is 61 C after 15min, After 20min of Prime95 stress testing 64 C.

CPU fan doesnt go over 1800rpm whilst its max rotation is 2500rpm according to manufacturer.
Vcore = 1.4V , no overcloacking.

I'm starting to be worried :)
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  1. Stop worrying. Set your CPU back to stock and go play your favorite game. Over clocking has become a giant pissing contest.
  2. Drop your Vcore if your not overclocking, if your at 3.4GHz you don't need 1.4V try 1.35V maybe even less.
  3. I didn't overclock it. Auto assigned Vcore was 1.45V however i ran it down to 1.4V as thats max recommended by AMD.

    My favourite time waster isn't running my CPU to over 62C,
    however since I got that Arctic Cooler it shouldnt go that high with a temp in a stress test? I'm worrying i may have placed too much paste or not enough and its not conducting temp properly. So i decided i want to compare with others or read opinions about that.

    I may try dropping Vcore to 1.35V. I may be overclocking it in the near future. As after 1hr torture test temp went to 65 C, once i overclock it will go even higher...

    Only reason for me overclocking it would be just fun of doing it, experimenting and learning not for more powerful CPU :)
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