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I built a computer recently. Everything was going fine, until it began freezing. I thought it was a software problem, so I reinstalled Windows 7, and it began to freeze during the installation. I partitioned my HDD and it still froze during the installation. Luckily I did get past the installation, but it still freezes quite a bit. This is definitely a hardware problem. Any idea which piece of hard ware it is? I had built computers before, but I have never had it freeze before. So one part is definitely faulty. But, can anyone tell me which one it probably is. Like what piece of Hardware usually causes a computer to freeze.

System Specs:

OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
CPU Intel Core™ i5-3570K Processor
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
Memory Kingston HyperX blu 8GB DDR3
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 4000
Sound Card Built into the Motherboard
Monitor(s) Displays Dell 19" Widescreen Display
Screen Resolution 1440x900 pixels
Update your System Spec Keyboard Dell Keyboard
Mouse Dell Mouse
PSU Antec Basiq VP-450 450W Power Supply
Case Antec Three Hundred Versatile Mid Tower Gamer Case
Cooling Fans Included in Case
Hard Drives Western Digita 1TB Caviar Blue7200rpm SATA III w/ 32MB Cache
Internet Speed 20mbs
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  1. I have some programs to test all your parts im trying to find it in a thread i replied to a while ago give me a bit but ill either find it or just type it again :) i'll help you figure this out!
  2. found it :P

    well there is burn in test(get standard[free])

    Then there is MEM test(you will have to boot off of the program[get the usb version of it and boot off the usb]) also you will need to boot of one stick at a time and make sure its in the primary bus.

    the to test psu

    for motherboard and CPU [...] otherboard

    and GPU [...] -occt.html

    have fun this will take you quite a bit of time so holio

    by the way this is for the mem test but if you get errors you will see this on the screen

    And if you have no errors like this

    don't forget that each test takes about 45 minutes so HAVE FUN :P tell me exact any errors you get on anything and if there are none then its probably either a mobo problem psu problem or just software problem
  3. sorry for mobo and cpu

    in case this also does not work then search "how to test if my motherboard is faulty" and click on first thing that pops up... also be sure to check if any cpu pins are bent if they are then that would explain it.
  4. Alright, I will test that. How can I test my hard drive?
  5. I think burnin test does that but im not sure

    again the GPU link is dead too so use this

    hope all of this helps you out!
  6. During Memtest my computer shut down. Is this normal?
  7. And for BIT I got:
  8. when you did it did you boot off a usb that had the memtest files on it? if so no that means that your ram or your mobo busses are fucked up... try each stick in different busses this time(aka different slots)
  9. Yes, I did boot off a USB.
  10. BIT sorry what do yo mean
  11. so yeah do as i asked you too do with the diffent busses
  12. BIT=Burn-in Test
  13. you have to put a dvd in the drive then re run the test
  14. Is there some software I can use to check my CPU and Motherboard?
  15. to be honest i really don't know but like i said it could very well be your ram and you should still have warranty on it... right? though again the busses could be screwed up so move the sticks around and see if it's any better
  16. How many passes should I do on Memtest?
  17. oh the top thing is the complete proccess once everything starts over that means that the test is done and you can test the other busses/sticks

  18. as you can see the part that says 8% after that goes to 100% the test is done
  19. Alright...
  20. No errors in Memtest...
  21. I guess there's nothing wrong with the RAM.
  22. ok what bus did you use?
  23. I used one and than the other...
  24. now do the other stick unless you only have one
  25. I did both sticks.
  26. hm and you did the busses that you use regurally
  27. Yup.
  28. did you ever run the GPU test?
    Also don't forget to check your cpu for pins bent.

    So far from what I hear your RAM is ok
  29. fyi check cpu pin's last that will be the most dangerous and hardest part
  30. I'm about to start the GPU test.
  31. ok good that could be the issue... if you still have coverage on it lets hope it is! :)
  32. The GPU is good...
  33. I also noticed that my computer hasn't froze lately.
  34. did you do anything or just stopped?
  35. Nvm. It just froze again...
  36. I think it's a HDD problem. How can I scan it, without running windows. Like I did with Memtest, I booted from my USB to scan it, but how can I do this with Hard drive scanning.
  37. you cant, sorry do you have any other hdd's that your sure work maby from another pc... you will have to install windows on it again but it will test if your's i messed up
  38. No...
  39. Okay, I will try that.
  40. My computer froze during "starting windows"
  41. try again because that could be a clue
  42. It froze again. But it worked around the 4th time, the hard disk scan started aswell.
  43. It also froze during the scan.
  44. ok i think that it is almost definetely the hdd do you still have coverage on it?
  45. Yes.
  46. get it replaced then
  47. I will tomorrow. I'm also replacing my power supply for a 500w one.
  48. here ill give you a link
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