600-750 budget build for gaming

Hi, I am a first time poster here and was looking for some ideas on the best bang for my buck for around 700$ u.s dollars.

I plan to use the pc for gaming: BF3, Dota2, metro 2033.. and whatever else down the line that I decide to play. In addition to gaming I plan to use the pc for watching movies and using photoshop.

Things I already have..
-have OS through university program
HDMI and all the movie watching necessities

-looking to overclock
-maximize my money for optimal gaming performance
-doesn't need to look pretty
-hopefully be able to play all releases for atleast a few years to come.

I have about 600$ to spend as well as a 150$ gift card to best buy and I am hoping to spend no more than 650$ not including the gift card.

I am not super up to date on the best bang for your buck hardware and some insight would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. id wait until ivy bridge i3s to come out first to get more bang for the buck

    nevertheless i put together a build under 650$ that is capable of running games at high/ultra. it wont overclock though but it can still destroy cpus at the same price point overclocked
  2. Forgot to mention I have OS so i can save 100$ that way. Is it possible to to make a 6-750 $ computer with an i5?
  3. Since u mentioned bang for buck and gaming, with limited funds i would really place far more emphasis on say a HD 7850 than trying to land the pricey enthusiast board/chip :P
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    dont really need i5. i upgraded the video card and the RAM. now you can play bf3 at ultra with 50+fps
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