Planning to build my computer and PSU has me a little stumped.

I have been looking at building a computer for a while now and I have pretty much every part that I want in a list. I will be buying from newegg because of their great customer service. I think links may give a better idea of what I am looking at.

Graphics card: GTX 560 TI 448 cores
Memory: 4gb 2400 ddr3 x2
Processor: i5-3570K
DVD-RW drive x2

That is pretty much my setup, but the one thing that has me confused it the motherboard and what power connections I need for it. I'm not sure what power connectors on the motherboard are suppose to be for the case but I do plan on getting this right the first time. Later on I plan on buying another GTX 560Ti, And I just bought the case this afternoon. Any suggestions on a power supply that would work?

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    You're going to need at least a 500w power supply for your current components (but if you're adding another 560ti I would recommend going up to 750w at least maybe more)

    As for connectors you're going to need:
    1 24-pin motherboard connector
    1 8-pin CPU connector
    2 SATA power connectors (more for your hard drives)
    2 6-pin GPU connectors

    I would recommend a modular power supply for cable management because the case you're getting has plenty of cable management options.

    I would recommend the Corsair HX750 (

    This will give you plenty of power for your components and will be enough power for another graphics card when you plan to add another. If you want to be careful you could get a 850w or a 1050w but it's not necessary
  2. Thanks, that is great to know. What has me surprised is that that was the exact same power supply I was looking at. I was going to change the question because I thought the cord management might be nice.
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