670 or 7970...

Wife gave me the go-ahead.

So after reading a ton of reviews, seems the 670 is ~ even if not 2% faster than the 7970 @ ~50-80$'s cheaper. But the added 3 games is surely a tempting offer, along with the possible high overclocks of the 7970.

Although I will be mostly playing BF3 ( where the 670 seems to have a nice lead in the 1980x1200 department ( ~15-20fps better! which is huge IMO, but the minimum fps is lower than the 7970 ), what would the community recommend/do?


Thanks a ton!
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  1. IMO the 670 is a better buy, but if 3 games are tempting to you, go for it. Both cards are solid cards.
  2. Since you are gonna be playing BF3 go for the 670 , the speed and price is a no brainer, go for the better card not the free game gimmick.
  3. If he wanted those games, then it is not a gimmick. You also have to consider that while you are playing BF3 now, you likely be playing other games down the road.

    I'd say go for the 670, but if you wanted those 3 games, then the 7970 is a good deal.
  4. Guess Im one of those that are addicted to BF3 and don't play much else.LOL
  5. Stock for stock the 670 is better than the 7970 and a better buy at $400. Since the majority like the 670/680, I am going to give you a 'pro' for the 7970. It has very high overclock headroom. It can run 24/7 with NO voltage increase with a 200Mz gpu and 200MHz memory overclock. That is 1125Mz and 1575 MHz respectively. Running up against a 680 with a power offset of 132% and a core clock of +150Mz, the 7970 is on par with the 680....BF3 looks to run a with a bit higher FPS according the the gtx 680 review part 2 on Tom's. Other members in the forum, like BigMack70, have shown that with a voltage tweak, over 1200MHz is achievable.

    Overclock for overclock, the 7970 keeps pace with the 670's older brother. The big difference is the 680 needs to run with a voltage offset to maintain the overclock and the 7970 chugs along all day on stock voltage. Having fried a 6990 due to overvolting, I will be very cautious in the future when it comes to tweaking gpu voltages. The question then becomes would you run your gpu with a voltage offset 24/7 or is that only for benchmarking. That question would be easier to answer if we new what the max allowable gpu voltage was like we do with CPU's.

  6. The other point that I forgot to mention is once you get into high resolutions like 5760x1080, the stock 7970 catches up the the 680 fast. With 4xAA enabled in BF3 the 7970 and 680 have the same FPS. I bet if you applied a very modest overclock to the 7970 to run at the same speed as the 680, you would see the 680 fall behind. Resolutions like 6048x1080 are becoming more and more commonplace with these ultra fast gpu's and inexpensive monitors so perhaps you should consider this also.

  7. GTX 670 hands down. It's way better value, and faster card too. It's not worth going AMD at this time at this price point.
  8. if its just bf3.. its a no-brainer.. the 670 (bf3 is nvidia optimised)
  9. Well, ended up hitting the button and getting an EVGA GTX 680 SC. Figured why not for the first time ever, go with the best thing out there. Thanks guys for your inputs.
  10. gtx 670 for good price and it can handle all games.:)
  11. If you overclock 7970 if not gtx 670
  12. I do overclock, everything! But, from my research, the EVGA 680 Superclocked is a binned chip that can reach over 1200 on the GPU, and with that overclock it beats out the OC'd 7970 in most games, specially the ones that I play. Although I probably will regret not going ATI, I really liked their drivers for some reason, never had a problem since my 3870's then to 5870, even though from the boards here, seems lots comment on ATI driver problems. Honestly it will take me a while to figure out the nVidia drivers, always seemed a lil too confusing to me!
  13. no ati doesnt have such drivers problems now it was in starting most of the people are now happy with ati gpus.:)

    hd 7970 is about 7% less in performance then gtx 680 and also cost low btw gtx 680 is faster then that thats why it performs better in many games but it cost more also.:)

    the gtx 670 is very close to the performance of gtx 680 and also cost then that so get it.:)


    (brock lesnar leaves wwe unexpected,disappointment:()
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