New build, question regarding power and water cooling

Hey everyone,

I am planning a new build in the next few months, and have come up with the following as a working selection:

Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz Socket 1155
Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Socket 1155 VGA DVI HDMI 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9 1.65V
Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3X 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card
CM Storm Scout Case
Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU
Samsung SH-222BB 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Soundcard
SanDisk 240GB Extreme SSD - 2.5" SATA-III

My questions are the following:

With the above components, is the PSU sufficient for the build? Note that I may still decide to add a high capacity mechanical HDD at a later date, although I do also have a NAS server that I run also for most bulk stuff.

Also with the case selected, how well will a water cooling solution work?

The above components have been priced at approx. £1000, with the case and power supply currently as a special offer bundle together. This is about the limit of my spare budget currently, so try to keep around that :)

Any advice/comments/etc are greatly welcome, as I want to get the build right first time and get up and running without fussing with returning incorrect/incompatible parts.

Many thanks,

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  1. Yes, these components will all work fine.
  2. id change some parts up

    1: a cooler master hyper 212 evo will be the same or better than the h60 unit for half the price.
    2:id just upgrade the motherboard to the z77x-ud3h
    3:1.65v will damage your memory controller over time. id suggest you to just get some crucial ballistix sport or gskill ripjaws x. any ram that is 1600mhz and 1.5v will be good
    4:for the case, if you like cooler master, id get the haf xm. looks like the haf x but smaller
    5;id get a better unit like the xfx xxx 750w or the hx750w from corsair instead. i dont know how reliable cooler master is with their units
    6:creative is pretty much crap for the price points. get a asus dx 7.1 sound card and it will easily blow away the creative
    7: heres a SSD that has more bang for the buck
  3. The PSU is bad. CoolerMaster is notorious for PSU's that can barely deliver 70% of their wattage. They are often unreliable. Get from another brand. However, 700W is more than enough. The Corsair water-cooling loops are not as good as some high-end air cooling. The Noctua D14 will be a lot better, or a Hyper 212 EVO, which is $30-$35.
  4. coolermaster has been getting better lately but still not up to the level of recommendation
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, will have a tinker with the list and see what's what. In regard to the case & PSU - at the price it currently is I will probably stick with the two I stated as the PSU is essentially free. I'll cross the replacement bridge if/when I come to it.

    With the alternate fan (212 evo) what sort of acoustic profile does that have compared to the water cooling setup (or similar)? Water cooling is my pref to keep the noise down as the tower will likely be located very close to me.

    Many thanks again :)
  6. hyper 212 is quieter. the corsair fans on the h60 is comparable to a hair dryer. hyper 212 performs better than h60.

    if you want to get a better fan, id suggest corsair's sp120 quiet edition. corsair specialty fans are actually good and is quieter than noctua fans
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