New charger for new cpu?

I have an i5-2410 cpu laptop and I want to upgrade it to an i7. Do I have to get a new charger, my current one is at 19V and 4.46A.
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  1. I very much doubt your laptop will support a new CPU especially one of a different series ( i7 vs i5 ). Most laptops are not upgradeable. It would be very expensive even if the motherboard would support the new CPU.
  2. Funds acquired and possible to upgrade. Just worried about the charger.
  3. What is the spec of your current PC ? Brand, Model, Specs please
  4. I have an Asus n53sn. i5-2410M version.
  5. No you DO NOT need a new charger for the i7 CPU as you are NOT replacing the Power Supply or Battery

    Your current 19V and 4.46A charger is fine for the i7 CPU as the i5 CPU uses the same voltage and Wattage

    All you nee to do is replace your CPU and you are good to go. The CPU you will be needing is the Intel® Core i7 2630QM

    Have a good day post back results when you are done
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