Does my motherboard support Ivy Bridge?

I currently have an i5 2400 and I am looking for upgrading to Core i7, I saw Ivy bridge has been released and I was wondering if my motherboard supports Ivy bridge.

MSI P67A-G45
P67A Chipset (B3)

Could someone tell me if my board supports ivy bridge?
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    Yes, with the right bios file: At the post screen, check your bios file number at the top. Then select the ivy bridge cpu you desire and check the "cpu support" section for the bios file required. Newer files cover all previous bios versions plus whatever update is listed. "live update" is msi's windows bios flash program. Download it, install it, reboot, and get online. Then select the icon for the program and you can select individual files or all and it will check and update the ones you selected. Give it time to finish before touching any keys. It will tell when it's done and if you need to reboot your system.
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