Will this PC run bf3 on Ultra

I was wondering if this PC will run bf3 on ultra quality?

Mobo- Ga-970a-ud3
PSU- Corsair 850w Enthusiast series
GPU- hd radeon 6850
CPU- FX- 8120
RAM- 2x4gb g.skill 1333
Memory- Caviar Black 1TB

THank you for you time :)
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  1. Probably not on Ultra. You could be playable on high with a 1920x1080 resolution.
  2. thats what i have heard buy i can run cysis 2 on ultra directx 11 with 30-50 and i heard that bf3 was less demanding
  3. you only need 750w first of all

    no point of getting FX chips when intel i5 3450 can blow it out of the water. if you are getting AMD though, id suggest the fx4100 since the extra bulldozer modules dont help at all in games

    you can get 6870 for not much more than a 6850
  4. I already have the 6850 had a set budget almost got the 6870 but i would have had to drop somthing so i didn't and by the way i oc my cpu to about 4 ghz easy.
  5. the i3 2120 is just as good as the fx chips even overclocked to 4.5ghz. you can imagine how much power you will need (around 200w tops)
  6. dont need any intel fanboys in here just checking if i can run bf3
  7. not being a fanboy but being factual

    read this if you havent already


    if a pentium g630 is better than fx, i3 2120 would easily be better.

    you can run bf3 on high
  8. what ever you say man... the 8120 is a powerful card, may not be the best but deffinetely beats that i3... im not being a fan boy because im planning on upgrading to the i5-3570K so really don't come here and just say to me that the only reason i can't play on ultra is because my cpu sucks... because it does not
  9. 8120 is a card. pretty sure you meant chip....

    i didnt say that the fx chip will stop you from playing bf3 at ultra. i just said you can do better than a fx chip. the thing that is preventing you is the graphics card. if you are looking at the i5 3570k, then it is a whole nother story
  10. yeah im upgrading to a gtx 670 and a i5 3570 but that 800$ away FML :P but that will take me at very least 6 months to get that so until then i just wanted to play the game and I love ultra settings :) is there a big difference between ultra and high?
  11. not enough that you will notice in real time gameplay
  12. PanicMaster85 said:
    what ever you say man... the 8120 is a powerful card, may not be the best but deffinetely beats that i3... im not being a fan boy because im planning on upgrading to the i5-3570K so really don't come here and just say to me that the only reason i can't play on ultra is because my cpu sucks... because it does not

    You come here asking for help and you don't take it. Hmmphf, If you want it because you want to support AMD be my guest, But if your saying that the 8150 is better than the i3 then you are factually incorrect. And your buying an AMD motherboard which doesn't have PCI 3.0 so you wont be able to upgrade your Graphics card sooner (you can, but performance wont be as good as it can).

    Get the i5-3450 and H77... And save up that money for the 7850. With the 7850 you'll be much smoother.
  13. If you are planning to upgrade in 6 months to the i5, save your money now and play on high settings. Otherwise you are just wasting money.

    ETA: The 660 will be out by then...
  14. cranked said:

    ETA: The 660 will be out by then...

  15. the 660? what is that? a new better graphics card or what
  16. If you can wait then get the 660. Or you can save up ~$110 and get the radeon 7850 it can play BF3 on ultra of FPS 25-40
    I suggest the Twin Frozr R7850 $260 If you want there is room for you to overclock this card so, you can get higher fps out of it
  17. nah ill stick with the 670 I have a decent card im more than ok with sticking with high for half a year it will be more worth it :)
  18. the 660 is a replacement for the 560. should be better than the 7850 but it will take time for its release
  19. sounds like a good card but i already set my sights for a hd 7970
    http://www.amazon.com/XFX-FX797ATDBC-Double-Edition-Graphics/dp/B006W3ZU4U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1341591743&sr=8-2&keywords=hd+7970 (looks like a great card matched with the 3570(unless of course a new amd card comes out and can handle that power :D)
  20. a 670 can perform at the same level or better for a slightly cheaper price. plus the 670s always have tons of OC potential
  21. can you get me a website that shows there benchs back to back?
  22. if you read from site to site, the scores fluctuate as different 670s have different boost clocks. the higher the boost, the better the score
  23. Ok i'll think about it I just like AMD product(I know how to use the catalyst control panel) that took me a while to learn :sol:
  24. ive used both and they are about the same. like the nvidia one better.
  25. i will probably stick with the 670 then because it's cheaper do you know of any manufacturs who have a very nice fan on it?
  26. Even the FX 4100 beats the 8120 in games.
  27. EVGA FTW and ASUS TOP.
  28. just stop talking... I'm so sick of people bashing my cpu(it's not the best but it works!)
  29. Lol, you come here for advice, so you're going to have to deal with suggestions.
  30. look at this thread i went there for advice too :P

    happened last night don't need another one
  31. another great 670 is the gigabyte windforce 670 but the weirdest thing is that their warranty starts right after the manufacturing date. the gigabyte one is cheaper and has a very good cooler. check toms roundup of 670s but it lacks the msi power edition and the evga ftw

    the msi power edition 670 is another great choice
  32. can you give me a link
  33. which one do you know has the better cooling? so I would want to keep it at around 40-50 average and above when on heavy load
  34. they are about the same. gigabyte cools a bit better but the msi one is shorter and has a higher default clock
  35. hm which one do you think I would get better performance with... 50 bucks extra means nothing if im trying to buy a highend card so im looking for performance and heat but sense there both about the same heat then which one will give me the better performace?
  36. ones that are good

    evga ftw 670
    gigabyte 670
    asus 670 top
    msi power edition 670

    the gigabyte is the overall winner as it doesnt cost more than a reference design and has a great cooler (its actually designed for a 680 btw). gigabyte is kinda retarded with their warranty as i said.

    evga has a much better warranty and the cooler is still pretty good. i usually recommend this one to people who use more than 2 670s or if they have a restricted airflow enivornment. it has a closed cooler

    the asus has the highest overall clockspeed and still has plenty of OC room. decent warranty and the card has long lasting components

    msi is middle ground and has a bit of everything. i like it due to the fact that the cooler just looks awesome
  37. check out toms hardware 670 roundup
  38. alright so then i have decent airflow but what do you think has the best overall performance... right now im leaning more toward the gigabyte version because of the awesome air flow that baby will create :P but i really do want to not worry about it breaking down and me having to replace it... how long is there warranty if they have an extended warranty i will probably buy that too.
  39. they have a weird warranty. it starts right after production so it can get screwy. from what i noticed with many gigabyte cards, they get artifacts if you overclock too much.

    theres always pros and cons with each company's cards. theres not too much differentiation
  40. what do you mean by artifacts also the newegg extended warranty looks like it may work pretty well
  41. triangle and weird shapes. a couple of the superclocked ones have that issue
  42. huh... I might just go with the evga ftw 670... is there anything like a gtx670 ghz addition or something?
  43. the ftw runs at 680 speeds. we aint on the radeon side where ghz editions sound awesome
  44. yeah really... do you know if the ftw has good cooling?
  45. its a stock 680 cooler. its overkill for the 670
  46. New drivers, 7970>670, but then it uses a LOT more power. Best 670 is Gigabyte.
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