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I finally got my case and started building my PC, however as I started installing AsRock Z77 Pro3 I realized that I got no screws from AsRock, is this normal? If it is, what kind of screws am I going to need in order to install this MoBo? Thanks.
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  1. Your case should have came with them .
  2. Spicy_benie said:
    Your case should have came with them .

    Yeah I figured it. But still problem, as those brass screw seats are too short (7 short pieces, 2 slightly longer pieces) I cannot screw those onto motherboard. Two slightly longer pieces did work when I tried, but shorter pieces are not reaching to holes. What am I supposed to do?
  3. you don't need more than 7 stand offs. just use the short ones.
    the four holes along the top edge; three of the are close together and the fourth by far right.
    three along the bottom edge; each side of the DIMM slots and at the left edge.
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