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Mouse not Detected Problem

Last response: in Components
July 25, 2001 3:50:28 AM

When computer is started up cold (from over night shutdown)the mouse goes dead. Message "windows did not detect a mouse". This doesn't happen when restarting warm.
I reinstall the mouse and no problem until next cold start.
By the way no cat is near it at night!!

System is
asus a7v133 mb
duron 800 mhz cpu
300 watt psu
riva tnt 32 mb vid
Mouse is ps/2

Thanks for your help in advance

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July 25, 2001 4:16:19 AM

Have you tried another mouse? You could have a loose wire in the ps2 connector. I've had 3 motherboards go bad where the first symptom was the mouse becomming flakey. Lets hope for the first option to be the case. :) 

-- Ah sh*t! sys64738 --
July 25, 2001 9:39:43 AM

Have tried 3 different mice all do the same, so i guess it must be a loose ps/2 wire, does this mean a mb replacement.
Why would it be only when cold starting?
Thanks for your help

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July 25, 2001 5:38:00 PM

When electronic components heat up and cool down, they expand and contract. It could be that you have a flakey lead somewhere which when cold (contracted) is not making contact. When it heats up it may be making the contact, but would then be the same as plugging in a mouse with the computer already on, which would not activate the mouse. You would need a reboot. Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have to either live with the problem or replace the motherboard. If you're handy with a soldering iron you may be able to fix it but it's unlikely.

An alternative solution (and much easier) would be to buy a USB mouse.

-- Ah sh*t! sys64738 --
July 27, 2001 3:55:47 PM

or a serial mouse!! (being an old fashioned kind of guy!!)
July 27, 2001 8:20:00 PM

Get a PS/2 to USB adapter.

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July 31, 2001 9:36:06 PM

Here is the update.
Replaced MB still the same problem.
Changed PSU to a new 430 Watt still same problem.
Pulled my hair out and then run the program DLL Checker, problem solved, can't think why I didn't try it earlier. This has to be one of the best programs around for fixing conflicts.

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