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I'm currently looking to build my first PC and i am aiming to do so for around £400 with the hope of later upgrading any components such as GPU and Processor.

Intel system

Pentium dual core g850- £54.0
Z77 motherboard - £72.98
Case £29.98
DVD drive £14.99
RAM 4GB £22.08
Windows 7 OEM - £70.69
HDD - £53.98
6770 - £69.98 450W
PSU - £46.20

Total cost: £434.88


Please could i have any feedback on the specs of the computer or improvements that will make it cheaper/more powerful for the same price.
I'm looking to use it to play games such as Skyrim, Fallout, Rfactor 2 and Total war with the hope of upgrading it around Christmas so that it will be able to play new releases such as Rome Total War 2

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  1. Well, the 7770 is the same price. An faster.
  2. Sorry for double post but i can't edit my previous one. :??:

    Anyway i'm thinking i could use a 6670 instead of a 6770 as it runs Skyrim on high and Battlefield 3 on medium from what i've seen, and it is quite a bit cheaper than the current cpu. I don't mind a lower cpu at moment as i'm going to have to upgrade cpu next year anyway for Rome 2.


    edit: ok i can only edit using quick edit.
  3. Get the HD 7750.
  4. I'm looking to upgrade to a high end gpu near christmas as well as getting a new cpu so i don't really see the point in getting a decent gpu now only to replace it in 6 months time.
  5. So would this systen work with a 6670 as a replacement to my xbox?, and also if i wanted to put for example a gtx 670 in would i be able to so provided the psu and processor are upgraded?

    edit: also which video card should i get out of the 3 posted. Msi, Sapphire or Asus?

    EDIT: I've posted this question in UK general discussion, so please don not reply to this one anymore. Thanks.
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