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Are these reliable brands?

Hi, I'm contemplating several cards, I've been trying to settle on one for a little over a week now. I've got a few brands (cheaper brands it seems) in mind, and I'd like to know my safest bet.

VisionTek, XFX, MSI, and GIGA-BYTE.
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  1. XFX and Gigabye are very reliable. MSI is usually reliable and sometimes puts out some very nice products. VisionTek is very budget oriented
  2. All good brands but I would skip the VisionTek
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    XFX's DD cards come with a lifetime warranty and the regular 3 year warranty is serial number based which is transferable so if you decided to resell, it retains more value. MSI also has a serial number based warranty which is transferable but they go a step further and will even accept an RMA on a card that has been modified with an aftermarket cooler. I know nothing about visiontek. Gig
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