D-link DWL-G122 F/W A1 Windows 7 driver?

I have a D-link DWL-G122 F/W A1 and i downloaded countless drivers off the internet that were c1 and b1 and even a2 for vista windows xp windows 7 and everything. none of them worked. i cannot find the cd it came with and i cannot find the driver online, not even for windows 7. i googled it in every way possible for hours and this is my last desperate attempt.

im trying to use the d-link adapter to get my desktop to pick up wifi in my bedroom. its a e machines 64-bit with windows 7.

:cry: :fou: :fou: :fou: im so frustrated. please forums help me

i also have an extra netgear wireless-g router wgr614v10. could that pick up wifi off the same router for my desktop?
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  1. also when i have windows 7 look for drivers online it says it couldnt find any
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