Odd beeping when computer boots, Video sleeps at windows logo

Just when I turn on the computer which has a MSI K9N Diamond MB, it beeps twice high, 1 low, 1 high and then 1 low again before it shows the BIOS message for entering setup and beeps the normal beep. It still boots ok and everything seems fine. Wondering if this is normal or related to another problem I have when I install the GeForce drivers for the 7950GT, the screens goes blank just after I see the windows XP logo loading message and appears to still be loading the OS after the screen goes to sleep. If I hit the power button it does shutdown properly and the monitor does work in safe mode. The OS has not been updated to SP3 yet or any of the critical updates yet, but I am working on it first in case I need to do that before installing the video drivers. If anyone has any thoughts on either of these 2 things, THX
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  1. get the sp3 and all others win xp update first
  2. Try updating to service pack 3.. if the issue doesn't continue then problem solved
  3. All updates for SP3 are installed, I was hopeful for awhile because it started coming up with recognizing the VGA adapter, where it wasn't doin that before. But after installing the NVidia driver it went back to blanking out just after the windows loading stuff and before the desktop comes up, monitor goes into sleep mode but it still looks like it's finishing loading in the background. Any other thoughts?
  4. could you acces the safe mode and remove the nvidia driver,then use only the windows one to see if windows will suggest you a update on driver if not just use the generic from windows xp
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