System powers on and off repeatedly?

So I recently got a new case and some extra parts. Due to upgrading I figured I'd just keep my GPU's and HDD's. So I bought a 3570K and pulled out an MSI mobo that was compatible and had been used just once or twice...

I hooked everything up and now the system just constantly powers up (LED's on, fans spinning up, etc.) and then shortly after powers right back down. I tried removing multiple components but got no real change. I finally jumped the CMOS, and the system powered up for a few seconds longer... Only to power off and resume the power cycle as it had before. The same thing happened when I removed the battery as well.

Now while I don't think anything's shorted or defective, I am not 100% sure obviously. A few suspect things I have nagging me are as follows:

#1 The mobo has instructions for how to connect the leads from the case. Unfortunately the leads don't exactly match what the manual suggests. It shows a picture with the connection places all pointed out, unfortunately the leads don't all have a + or -. I'm not sure if that would create an issue but it was my first suspicion.

#2 there are two nearly identical places to plug in the leads, one is JFP1 and the other is JFP2, does it matter which one is plugged into it?

#3 my PSU has two 8 pin connectors for the mobo. One is a 4+4 and the other is just 8. Does it matter which one is plugged into the appropriate place?

Mobo: MSI P67A-GD53

Thanks, any help or suggestions would be grand.
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  1. Okay so I just finished trying a few things and thought I'd update... Still need some direction.


    Tried swapping out the cmos battery with one that works (the one I'm using now). Same occurrence as before. I'd get a slightly longer start up, only for it to shut down and continue the process.

    Used another PSU that works (again it's the one I'm using now.) same issue occurred.

    My new case happened to come with a speaker for my mobo as well. Is there anything I could do with it on the other PC to try and figure something out? I am getting this ominous feeling the mobo is dead, but I'd really like to exhaust all options before I go and buy a new one. (Especially as I can't RMA cause I don't have the old box =()
  2. the error could be that the mb bios right now only has the cpu code for sandy bridge. on msi web page there no listing yet that the mb does ib chips. other then under the bios updates. for cables the 4 by 4 power cable goes to the mb. most power supplys the 6 by 2 are for the video cards. i would also pull all the ram but one stick to see if it was a ram timing issue.
  3. If you have the reset button pins connected to one of the LEDs instead, you could see this; or if the power lead is shorted. Disconnect all the front panel connectors and use a screwdriver or paperclip to short the power leads briefly. If it stays on, there was your problem (and now you just need to trace it).
    If that doesn't help, is the HSF properly mounted on the CPU? If not, it may be immediately shutting off due to heating.
    What video card do you have? What is the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
  4. @smorizio Hmm so you're saying it could be the fact it's IB? I might be able to swing getting another processor in there, but I'd really rather not pull apart my working rigs for it. Also about the 4+4 and 8 pin connector, they both say CPU on them and fit into the appropriate slot on the MB. I was mainly curious if there was one I should use over the other or not.

    @jtt283 I tried shorting it, no change. I also swapped out the HSF from my Noctua NH-D14 to the stock intel HSF (the noctua was too difficult to work around whilst I was constantly putting things in and taking them out.) I didn't see a change at all. And I'm inclined to believe I applied my paste and seated the cooler properly.

    However I also noticed that when I had the intel HSF plugged in, it's fan started up far later than all the other case fans. Is that normal? Could it indicate a problem?

    Video card - 2 GTX 560 ti's. Though I have had them unplugged for the majority of this whole troubleshooting fiasco.

    PSU - hec Zephyr MX 750 and while at first I suspected it to be the culprit, I have found that it works on another rig of mine, and the larger PSU from that rig still didn't work on this system that's giving me trouble.
  5. After trying everything (including putting an old SB processor that worked outside of this MB) I concluded it was the mobo that was the problem and simply bought a new one that I was sure would be IB compatible.

    I appreciate the help guys.
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