Which Nvidia GPU?

Budget: $100-160

Used for: Games (WOW, Dota2), Watching Movies, Some Video Editing

Monitor: 1980X1200

No Overclocking

No SLI/Crossfire

Willing to buy good PSU to complement the GPU
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  1. it probably wont get you very far with that kind of a budget especially at a higher resolution. its either you go with a gtx 550ti, or a 6850-6870. the 6870 will give u much better performance given in that kind of budget of yours
  2. If you could go a little bit more for $179 after rebate this is an excellent deal, and a much faster card.

  3. would I need a Mid Tower case for a 550ti or 6870 gpu? or can a micro-atx tower work as well? Thanks all for your suggestions
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