Should I upgrade?

So I am really wondering which parts of my Rig are in dire need of upgrading. Graphics cards especially. Ill post my entire rig and anyone let me know what I think. Money is tight right now (college student working on my masters) so Im finding it really hard to justify upgrading cost wise.

The primary games Ill be playing in the next year or two are: Diablo III and Guild Wars 2.

Here is my setup:

ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard
Intel Core i-7 970 6core 12 thread CPU
Corsair H70 liquid cooling for CPU
Corsair TX 750w PSU
Antec 900 case (good air ventilation)
12gb of DRR 3 1600 RAM running in triple channel (corsair brand)
2x GTX 460 768mb version running in SLI (the 1gb was sold out when I bought these and I couldnt wait at the time)

Both cards are running OCd at 800mhz from the stock 700. I know you can get better OCs from this card but havent bothered to do it.

Anyway, Im drooling over the new GTX 670 and 680, but its pricey as hell atm and if the games Im playing wont benefit much from it then it will give me some peace of mind.

The reason I run SLI is because I have a hanns-g 28 inch LCD 1080p monitor at 1920x1200 res.

Any thoughts or suggestions? A friend recommended two 560tis in SLI, but its almost the same cost as a single 680 and I prefer to only upgrade my vc every other generation.

Thoughts or advice? Thanks!
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  1. The best upgrade right now is the 670 , good price for its close to 680 performance for 100 bucks less. Will give you less heat, noise and use less power than your current set up nd play anything at 1920x1200 that you throw at it.
    You can sell your 460's and put the money to the 670 , or not upgrade at all and just keep your current set up till the next gen cards.
    Going to 560ti SLI with your current set up isnt worth it.
  2. wouldn't buy any card with 1gig of ram on it nor would I buy 2 cards with 1gig of ram on them ( 1+1 still = 1 in dual graphics ).

    I have one of those monitors and use it daily, sometimes gaming. A 6950 2gig or better would work wonders over what you have.

    Don't waste money on 1gig cards.
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