Wanting to build a server for home and need advice

Hello, Im looking to build a server for my home that will run ESXi and virtualize Server 2008r2 and FreeNAS. I mostly want this server for doing backups and streaming movies and music to my Apple TV and Xbox360, and possibly set up a small Minecraft server for me and a few friends. The hardware I have already is a 250W power supply, a case, DVD drive, Hard Drives. My question is do you think this motherboard/CPU:


is good enough for what I want do and if you guys could suggest a good amount and brand of RAM.

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  1. yes, that will do the trick.

    G.skill is a good RAM brand. Mushkin, Patriot, Corsair, and Pareema are al
  2. Any recommendations on how much RAM?
  3. 4gb or 8 gb
  4. I'm not sure about Minecraft but I would say that this is probably overkill for the purposes you are describing. This combination would save you about $50 and reduce your power consumption (especially if you are planning on running this server 24/7):



    This would save you even more:
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