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I'm cleaning my computer and I would find it much easier to clean my gpu fan and heatsink if I were to remove it. So do i just turn off my computer, remove the gpu, clean and put it back in then boot up? or will i have to reinstall drivers and such?
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  1. You do not have to reinstall any drivers. When you remove the card, just be sure to discharge any static. Just touch the metal case before handling the card.
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    You can renove the video card from the slot and not have to reload the drivers. The best way is to shut down the computer and then unplug it from the wall socket , then remove the card. Compressed air is a good way and you can use the can air or from a compressor If using a cloth or brush be careful of the fan blades , they can snap off as they are only plastic.
    Then reseat the card making sure it's all the way in the slot and power up and your done.
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  4. Thank you both for your quick response! Now I can go ahead without worry.
  5. Your welcome !
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