New Graphics card under 100$

Im looking to buy a new Graphics card for under $100. If at all possible i would like it to be under $75. I build a new computer recently and i have not put one in yet. I am want to play skyrim on decent settings and run my computer at a constant high resolution. i am mainly looking to get the most for my money.
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  1. What power supply do you have? And what are your other components?
  2. i have a very good system

    8 gigs ram

    I-5 2500 cpu

    500 gigs hard drive

    i have a good enough power supply 550 watts i think

    and a pci-e 2.0 mobo

    my montior is 1080P and can only use vga but i have a dvi adapter

    i also looked at the one you said and it looks very nice with a free bonus
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