Power saving mode.. Card overheating? Newb here

I'm typing this on my laptop. The other day, I got into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BETA and decided to play it on my PC. It's very graphic intensive, and my card is weak (nvidia 9600 gs). After about an hour of playing the game, my monitor would say "Now entering power save mode" and the power light on it turned orange. I couldn't get out of it no matter how hard I tried.

The only way to get the computer back was rebooting via the power button. Afterwards I played Counter-Strike 1.6 (very old, not graphic intensive at all, crappy game!) for hours and hours without problems (like always). Decided to start CSGO again and within 30 minutes to hour, like last time, I "entered power save mode" and everything went black.

After searching online for a couple days I've tried setting my sleep/power-save mode to "never" in settings which didn't work. Then I read that it was most likely a graphic card overheating..So I took the side panel off my computer and kind of felt the card. It was very hot and almost burnt my fingers. I figured this was the problem, so I figured out how to take the graphics card out (I'm a COMPLETE BEGINNER, this was my first time inside a computer) and I got tons of the dust out of there that was blocking the fan with a can of compressed air or whatever.

This is where I think I went wrong.. I was putting the graphics card back in and it was very hard to fit behind the cords and everything so it wasn't a very gentle entrance at all..It didn't really take a big beating but it surely wasn't graceful. Anyways, I didn't really see a visible "slot" to put it in so i put it where I found it before and made sure the part that you plug cords into were out the back of the computer case, and I screwed it all back into place the best I could.

NOW, whenever I try to turn on my computer, it IMMEDIATELY says "entering power save mode" and I can't even get on the computer at all. Not even a boot screen. I tried both types of cords that go from the monitor to the comp (forgot the exact names, not HDMI but the other two common ones) and neither worked...

Is this a problem with my graphics card? Any help is appreciated! I really want to get back on my comp!
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  1. Well. Hopefully you didn't actually cook the chip lol.

    First of all, clean your computer completely. It wont work if fans are clogged with dust and that's important if you like PC games...

    Clear your CMOS is what I would do next. You should have a jumper pin of some kind on the motherboard that can reset the BIOS to default. It may still be in some kind of failsafe mode.

    Don't be scared to hurt the insides of you PC. You can learn a lot by opening it up and seeing things run. Check to see if all the fans are working and if any lights come on.
  2. as you did not post the model of the pc or mb i try and give my two cents. you may have plugged the video card into the wrong slot. the video card board should be the blue one or off color one with a latch on the back. if the card did not click when pressed it it may not be seated. some video cards need extra power if you forget to plug in the video card power plug the video card wont turn on. aslo never work with the power supply plugged in. new mb dont fully turn off and you can short our parts.
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