I dropped a small sticker in my psu?

ass i was installing everything, i kind of dropped a small sticker into myv psu its a hx650 its a sticker that says "for 8pin connection" ? will it cause major / minor problems, i tried getting it out but couldnt ?

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  1. As long as it's not obviously impeding air flow from the fan it won't do any harm, unless it's a 'metallic' sticker. You can fairly easily open up your PSU to remove the sticker, but be sure to disconnect from the mains supply first.
  2. If you still have warranty then I would not open it up. Also have you tried getting a can of compressed air and blowing it through the fan, might bring out the sticker. Anyways I would not worry about the sticker, I know my power supply has a sticker on the PCB and it does nothing to it (I did not apply it myself, it was already there).
  3. You could open it up if you are worried about it. Just be careful as some of those parts can have a nasty shock. The sticker really shouldn't cause any issues though.
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