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Sapphire 6870 or XFX 6870?

So I can't decide whether or not I should get the

Sapphire 6870------->
XFX 6870-------->

Since I'm running on a very tight budget right now I want to get the best video card within my range. The Sapphire is cheaper which is why I'm wondering what's the difference
I game on 1920x1080
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  1. Quote:
    Sapphire- cheap
    runs cooler
    silent fan

    XFX - run loud and sapphire,as heard in many reviews on newegg
    also runs hot than sapphire
    BUT XFX HAS LIFETIME WARRANTY,but i have heard that Ati has stopped or gonna stop the production of 6xxx series so there might be a time when no card is left for warranty claim.

    for more reviews read on newegg.

    another suggestion-if you can wait for a month or two,till the launch of nvidia gtx 660 the price of hd7850 will drop surely,then you can hd7850 for few more dollars-around 180$-200$.

    If I can't wait till then, the sapphire 6870 is the one I should get?
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    sapphire for good gpu making of amd sapphire gpus performs over the price they stay cool and quite.:)

    xfx has good built but fan is littlebit noisy but doesnt run that hot.:)

    in my opinion you should go with sappire hd 6870
  3. Sapphire all the way
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