Dell core i5 laptop power problems with the power adapter


I have a Dell Core i5 laptop and when plugging in the AC/DC power adapter
Input: 100-240 Volts
Output: 19.5 Volts
The Output Cable LED turns BLUE,
BUT when connecting it into he laptop the LED turns Off (No BLUE Light)
and does not allow me to charge my laptop

I tried with an addiional AC/DC adapter but does NOT power on/charge my laptop

Can Ayone assist me or explain me what to do.

With lots of Appreciation

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    That behavior from a laptop is usually caused by a short within the laptop. Taking it to a repair shop or (if still under warranty) contacting the manufacturer about replacement are options. An area on laptops highly prone to that is the power jack itself. You can look up your model Dell and broken power jack repair on your favorite search engine to see what is involved in the repair (some are suprisingly easy - some are not). That may not be where the problem lies but it is common. Does the laptop work with the battery removed? Does the cable feel loose when plugging it into the laptop - or like it can be plugged in more?
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