Why is my computer going to "sleep"?

Brand new build

2nd gen i7 3930k
Asus Sabertooth x79
Sapphire 6850
16gb (doing ram test, currently 4/16gb) ripjaws x
Antec 620w mod psu

While just browsing around the internet, my monitor turns black, and the sleep mode message pops up. I am 100% guarantee that I changed it so my computer wont even go to sleep whatsoever. I did not press my sleep-mode button.

But it just goes to sleep.

I consistently open it up and maintain it so its never dusty. I got a bunch of fans and a fan on my GPU. I'm using the CM hyper 212 heatsink as well, so overheating shouldnt be an issue.

Everything is still under stock-like performance, no overclocking or anything.
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  1. there a few power management on a pc. there are power setting in the pc bios. there also sleep setting in some monitors so they dont get screen burn in. there also now in video drivers to power down video card when under light load and windows has power settings.
  2. The thing is, I was typing an email when it happened. It wasn't the first time.
    Just an hour before so I grab water and i come back and nothing was responding.

    I failed to mention that I'm not able to awaken my computer after it falls asleep.
  3. have you tired switching your computers coffee to decafe??? and letting it get it eight hours of sleep at night :)
    little sleep joke there...i would try the monitor on another pc or laptop and see if it powers off and does not turn back on.
    sounds more like a bad power supply or control board in the monitor.
    you can see if there any bios updates for your pc. if it not a bios issues with the mb the only thing left would be a issue with your power supply.
  4. If checking the monitor turns up nothing, you can always take a look at Event Viewer to see if it details the pc going to sleep and what is responsible.
  5. My PSU Is completely brand new, but i understand theres that chance.

    But how does someone test a PSU? And how exactly do you use event viewer?
  6. It's not so much testing the PSU (though that can be done) but HWmonitor is a piece of software which monitors your hardware and should throw up potential risks by giving fan speed, voltages and temperature read outs for your hardware. Anything amiss voltage wise, especially if it's for all your parts, can indicate a problem with the PSU.

    Event Viewer is simple to open. Click on start and type Event Viewer in search - it should pop up so just click it and see recent events.
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