GTX 560 4-way sli ??

I wonder how to 4-way SLI GTX560 like this guy... He has 4 card, it's written in the link ... Thanks
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  1. Yeah, that's a strange one! - I thought the 560 couldn't do 4-way
  2. They can't, something is not clear on this page, it says # of cards 4 in each Graphics Card category there's GTX 590 and Intel HD 3000, GTX 560.

    And the guy ran the benches on 1280 x 720 resolution :pt1cable:
  3. mesab66 said:
    Yeah, that's a strange one! - I thought the 560 couldn't do 4-way

    I thought so too. nVidia says 2-way only:
  4. Well I've also Intel HD graphics and it shows me only 1 card -
  5. Don't know what exactly what was in the first page, but there are GTX 590 and GTX 560.

    Technically you can't have 3-way or 4-way GTX 560 SLI.
  6. input lag becomes a very big problem with 4-way sli. it's really a silly technology
  7. by what i read the only way to do 4-way SLI is to have one of the 4 cards being a physx card and the other 3 graphics processing otherwise 4-way SLI will not work
  8. Quote:
    but I rather run dual GTX 690's in SLi = quad


    Personally I think it would be the better option than 4x 680's... most notably - "air to breathe".

    I can't explain the high score... obviously the primary graphics are the 590. The GTX 560 I would assume is for physX. It's safe to ignore the Intel HD graphics because his board features Lucid Virtu so 3DMARK sysinfo is going to list it. My 2500K machine, Z68 and 6950, 3Dmark lists the HD 3000 as secondary~ ... Still and comparing~ ... doesn't make sense.

    Obviously 6990x2 scaling is horrendous at low resolutions (highest 60%), actually pathetic. Ignoring this, he's running single channel and how in the hell does he nearly double my score in the combined test?
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