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What's wrong, PSU, CPU or Motherboard

Last response: in Systems
July 6, 2012 10:39:53 AM


I won't get into all the model numbers right yet.
I bought a Gigabyte motherboard, for my new build (I've built around 10 PC's before no problems.) I might not know all the technical terms, but I know what I'm doing.

I power up, nothing happens, I then test the PSU with a checker device, it says fault.

So I buy 2 more PSU's all different brands.
At first the same thing happened, and the second PSU, was also giving a fault readout, however, it went away, after unplugging it and replugging it, and remains working.

Both the New PSU's have a different effect to the first one, the first one nothing happened at all, the new two, I get a continious start and stop, like half second start, 2 second stop, and it goes on forever, with the CPU fan. Sometimes, it would not do the start stop, but just start and stop for good.
And two times out of dozens, it made a beep, 1 short, turned off, then 2 short, turn off, then back to silent.
There's no lights on the motherboard, but I don't think it has any anyway.

The two new PSU's still remain "all good" on the checker.

So i order another one of the same Gigabyte boards, and an asus.

I try the gigabyte first, different problem.
It powers on, but I get a continious fast beep, around 30-40, bit to fast to count. and lasts 10-15 seconds before switching off, then it repeats the process. Does this with both PSU's

So I try the Asus board, The only time i got beeps, when nothing was plugged in, I am breadboarding by the way, but after plugging in all devices, the beeps stop, it's silent, the fan comes on and stays on, the mobo light is on, never switches off. However, I get no image on the screen.
And the keyboard lights (PS2 connection) Do not light up when pressed...
I don't actually have a monitor to test atm, I tried using the VGA and the hdmi on both a projector and TV, I don't suppose they're plug and play like moniors, perhaps need to have the system running windows first.
But I'm suspicious, because the keyboard light doesn't come on, which on all my other computers, it would come on when pressed pre-bios, however it did flash when power first came on.

What could be the problem.

I can't believe I could get 3 faulty mobos, 3 faulty PSU's, but if it was a faulty CPU, surely i'd get beeps, or it would load up with error.

Now people will say my PSU's are too low powered.

I have 2 cheapo 500w, and one Corsair 430w
The CPU is 3770k, BUT its only a 77w chip, and according to the power calculator site, with just this running with MOBO, it's only 169w at 100% so 430w / 500w should be more than enough. So I don't think under power is a problem.

It's really doing my head in, my quick cheap desktop, is now becoming a slow, expensive, stressful, in the long run, probably won't cost me too much extra, if the parts are faulty I can return them... But I don't even know if they are or whats causing it...

I really hope someone can help, I've googled, for about 36 hours straight, read literally thousands of similar problems, but none quite like mine...

I've tried all the battery removing, clearing CMOS, etc etc..

Motherboards are:
2x Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D2V Gen 3
1x Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 REV 3.0

It would be really good if someone can help.
July 6, 2012 11:23:06 AM

it might be a bios update problem since the h61 chipset was designed for Sandy Bridge processors wheras your using an Ivy Bridge processor.

Are you able to get into your bios
July 6, 2012 11:26:45 AM

I spoke to the shop I purchased from, tech guys, and we had a discussion, we found out the Asus, needs bios updating for my chip, but the Gigabyte, was fine.

He doesn't think the CPU or PSU is the fault, but thinks I've gotten 2 dud Gigabyte boards...
He suggested I get a H77 Asus, try it out, if still does not work, its 100% CPU, if does work, the Giga's are faulty.

No I can't get anything to show, so no bios, It won't even stay powered...
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July 6, 2012 11:28:57 AM

From my experience, with faulty CPU, it comes up with CPU error beep, or error screen, the fact that I don't get these, It would suggest mobo's are faulty.
But one thing that did make me think about the power supplies again, I noticed many people say online that short continious beeps, means power problems. But my fault checker gives all good...
July 6, 2012 11:48:21 AM

The chances that many motherboards are bad are very slim.
After putting together hundreds of computers over 25 years i have yet to see a bad cpu they are tested in factory the chance is very very small that you could have a bad cpu.
You should be using a 77 chipset series they are designed for ivy bridge.

GA-H61MA-D2V is a Intel® H61 -Chipset wrong chipset.
Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 Intel® H61(B3)

Best to return those boards and get a 77 series.
July 6, 2012 12:28:28 PM

Well this is what the guy at scan said, but after we looked at the websites, we found it was true with Asus.

But the Gigabyte, should support it.

But perhaps Gigabyte made a mistake.

What I forgot to mention, is, after trying all these boards, I didn't actually try my graphics card, I was using onboard before, but to rule out PSU issuess, when I plug the graphics card in vapor 6770 6 pin / pci-e, nothing happens, neither board will start fans at all, not even a flash of lights, but as soon as I take it out, the the problems I mentioned originally happen.
July 6, 2012 1:27:54 PM

do you see what bios version is installed on the board, you should have it on the box of the board itself

the F4 version indicates that it supports the ivy bridge processors
July 6, 2012 2:09:10 PM

It doesn't say on the box or motherboard, but their website says F4...

July 6, 2012 2:16:14 PM

While they may support the cpu via bios update i have found performance issues using older chipsets i use Gigabyte Z77M-D3H the thing is buying a K cpu and board that has older chipset will result in some performance loss.
July 6, 2012 2:24:31 PM

Ok, I'm gonna get a Asus 77 board.

But I am stuck between a choice of two.
Maybe you guys can help.

H77 (no overclock, but has DisplayPort)
Z77 (Overclock, but no DP)

Now my graphics card has DP (6770 Vapor), I'm going to run 2x 1440P Monitors, using the DVI-dual links.
and the DP for projector 1080p.

My question is, if I got the mobo with the DP, would puttnig the projector on this, make performance better. than running all three some the same card.

The reason I ask, because my old rig which has 5770, 3x 1080p, was a bit slow sometimes.

I'd like to have overclock ability, but its more important for the graphics to run smootly... But I dunno if it will make a difference sharing the load, because the intel graphics is going to be lower than the 6770 anyway...

Lol, might as well ask, considering I am going to blow another £90.
July 6, 2012 2:41:44 PM

I had a similar issue recently, which was caused by my PSU failing and damaging my motherboard. At the time, I didn't realise it was the PSU and during testing it promptly wrote off another motherboard I had.

Anyway, follow the steps in this link:

Trust me, it works. Take it step by step, make sure everything is working OK. Not to sound critical, but the issue is most likely with something you're doing...there's no way you'll have gotten 3 dud motherboards in a row, it's statistically extremely unlikely.
July 6, 2012 2:52:11 PM

The Asus isn't dud, it works, but it won't load up, because the bios doesn't support the chip.

As for the second gigabyte, its powering up the fans and making beeps, so I would assume it's working, it supposedly supports the 3770k, but maybe Gigabyte didn't update the bios on it before shipping it out.

As for the first mobo, thats dead as far as I can see, I think the first faulty PSU killed it.

I have taken step by step, anti static gloves, breadboard, trying one thing at a time, I've built about 10 rigs at least before, with no problems...

I know how to do it, I've just got some imcompatable parts, or faulty, or perhaps a combo. What I'm going to do is get a another PSU, more higher powered and new MOBO, if things still don't work, it's 100% the CPU that's at fault...

All I can do is try...
July 6, 2012 3:05:01 PM

well I'm stuck between:

Asus P8H77-M PRO H77 Has DP

Asus P8Z77-M, Intel Z77

I'm not bothered about overclocking much.

I had 5770 with tri monitors setup before it was a bit laggy,

I now have 6770, and will probably get the 7770.

I was thinking though, if I put the 3rd monitor on the mobo with the DP, perhaps it would help the smoothness of all three, rather than running all 3 moniors from the same card... But if not, I'll get the Z77
July 6, 2012 4:39:52 PM

I went with the Z77,


I spoke to another scan guy, he agreed that the first mobo is dead, it doesn't even flash keyboard lights on when you hit power, either DOA or killed by the faulty PSU they sent.
The other two mobos work fine, but they were sent with old bios, but they need sandy bridge chip to update the bios, once updated, they will work with 3770k, So I just ordered Z77.

I also ordered another PSU, seeing as I'm getting an overclocking system now, my plan was to underclock to 2.5ghz, now i'll probably overclock to 4.5ghz... Seeing as this summer as like autumn, last year my computer made my room a sauna, so I got a laptop...

So my simple stress free cheap cool summer computer, will end up being highly stressful, waste 3 days of my life, end up being a heater, and my luck will be it was a dead CPU all long and end up costing me £140 more than i planned, I'm pretty sure the graphics card is a dud. When I connect the PSU to that and the mobo, none of the mobos will power at all...

If my new parts don't fix it, I'm just gonna send everything back, and start fresh...

It's unbelievable I build a computer each year, never had any problems...
July 6, 2012 4:58:15 PM

Now, I think I should of just got a Sandy Bridge, saved myself a lot of stress, and money, and they run cooler apparantly...
July 6, 2012 4:59:24 PM

Do you have a SB chip to try out on the boards?
July 6, 2012 5:07:16 PM

Nope, It doesn't matter now, I've ordered the new parts, I'm just fed up and complaining a bit, but tomorrow will be a new day, with new mobo and PSU, and I'll let you know how it goes.
July 7, 2012 8:14:53 AM

Delivery came new psu and Mobo, still doesn't work.
Ram is faulty, both sticks.

This means the original PSU fried everything, Ram, CPU, Graphics card, first mobo...
July 7, 2012 11:29:07 AM

Chances that cpu is fried is pretty low get some good ram and try it, it is pretty hard to fry a cpu due to all the voltage regulators you would have seen flame and smelled something burning if it was that bad.
July 7, 2012 12:26:53 PM

Well in addition to the ram showing red light error. (both sticks)

When the graphics card is plugged into all 4 motherboards and PSU's, using the 6 pin, it will not even start the PSU.

Although the graphics card does light up and fan come on if only in PCI-E without the 6 pin, but the 6 pin is a requirement for it to work fully.

I'm pretty sure the first PSU I bought damaged everything, even if it didnt damage the CPU, it's damaged the graphics card, memory and first motherboard. I'm fed up with the delivery's, I've spent an extra £360 on "testing parts"
and took 3 extra deliveries so far, it's time to give up, and start fresh...

July 10, 2012 10:44:24 AM

techguy911 said:
Chances that cpu is fried is pretty low get some good ram and try it, it is pretty hard to fry a cpu due to all the voltage regulators you would have seen flame and smelled something burning if it was that bad.

New Ram, 5th PSU new graphics card.
Graphics card now powers up, told you the PSU cooked everything.
ram still comes up with error, so I can only assume the ram error is cause by fried CPU.
(Ram is compatable from Asus website)

Or simply the 4th mobo is also crap.

July 10, 2012 10:45:58 AM

everyone says its faulty motherboard, so I am just unlucky 4 faulty motherboards...