NEED HELP! 660 Not being detected, switching to 4000

I have a huge problem, and that is that my GPU is not being detected,
is shows all signs of life, i can hear ans see the fan spinning, but when i connect the HDMI cable, nothing happens, if i try to install the drivers, it will not detect my GPU,
The Gpu has power, its not the PCIe slot, tried all 3, and the integrated intel 4000 graphics work,
Please help me, i would realy like to solve this withing tonight :)
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  1. Hi, What motherboard and power supply?
  2. Its a MSI Mpower, the PSU im not sure about, however, its a 520w, and i know it works,
  3. It might be due to change in GPU Voltage somehow (through the BIOS).
    So, check it also... And, set it to Auto...
  4. It might be a problem with the HDMI port. Does the card have a DVI port that you can test?
  5. Yes, that has been done
  6. What's the setting in BIOS for the Graphics (iGPU, PCI,...)?
  7. As Alexoiu is saying, have you in fact gone into the bios and turned the on board graphics chip set off and set the Pci-e slot to be the default primary video graphics output source ?
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