Driver problem with hd7850 2gddr5


I have a problem with my new pc, after i install the driver for my (Asus HD7850 directCUII 2gddr5)
succesfull as windows7 claim, i reset as demended and when loading again windows go black after the logo have showed !

then i can only get back in windows in safemode and in normal just after i've set driver back to standard vga inside safemode !

I've tryed driver i got with card, driver from asus, driver from amd/ati and driver from windows and its all the same !

i use a syncmaster 2343nw screen through dvi to vga adapter from the cardbox donno if thats an issue ?

(i use windows 7 64bit, mobo: asus p8z68-v pro/gen3, cpu: i7-2600k , memo: 4x4 Gb corsair vengeance ddr3)
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  1. Driver problems...

    Are you sure you have uninstalled your old GPU driver (if available) before installing the 7850 one?
  2. there were no old driver just build the pc ... and have no problems with anything else !

    but the problem looks alot like this threaed didnt see it before sry to make a new question :/
  3. I was the same situation.
    Memory was caused by
    Please try to replace the memory.

    from Japan
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