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Will this graphics card work with my motherboard.

Hey this is my first time posting so i didnt know if i should put this in motherboards or graphics. So sorry if i am incorrect. So my dilema is... I know i have the correct slot in the motherboard below for the graphics card but i know since its so powerful i also have to plug it in for it to get power, and i cannot find out if my board has those slots. So help please thank you!


Graphics card:

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  1. The power for the plug comes from your power supply. Graphics cards get 75w from the slot itself and any additional needs come from the plug(s). We will need to know what the information on your power supply states before we can tell you if you're ok. Specifically if you could tell us the total wattage the psu provides, the brand, model, and how many amps are provided by the 12v rail.
  2. yes, you're good to go.
  3. The psu isnt a problem, it has plenty of power. But thanks for the quick reply, so i should be set?
  4. give us all specs of your psu. Or just provide a link then we will see it ourself.
  5. If you are certain the psu has ample power and the correct connectors, then you are all set.
  6. Okay so here is the specs for the psu 12v max output 33 amps 450 watts, and the actual thing that i plug into the card what does it look like???
  7. is an adapter from a 4 pin molex (this might be similar to what you say by converter) you ought to have a spare 4 pin in your box unless you have a ton of fans plugged in.
  8. Okay I do have a spare 4 pin molex, so i would take the 4 pin, plug that into the adapter you've shown me above, then plug that one in to the adapter given to me in the box of the graphics card?
  9. That card comes with an adapter to dual molex and most people say that 400 watts should work. So all and all you should be fine, but you are cutting it close with a 450 watt PSU.
  10. I'm probably going to upgrade more in the future as technology progresses... should I just get a larger PSU now? and Kelthic I found it and everything will work, you have been a ridiculous help. As this is my first time on the forums, it is a great first impresson thank you so much.
  11. I mean it all depends on your budget what you are doing with you comp etc etc. I would say 450 is the bare minimum. In anycase, I want to stipulate you card comes with an adapter that is 6 pin to two 4 pin molex so you will need two molex power cables going to it.
  12. Well I have two molex cords so i'm good on that and my budget is 200-250 ish so I might get this card and a 700-750 watt psu and that would put my at like 240 or 250
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    not a problem at all. The 550 ti requires 22amps on the 12v rail, so you should be good for now. When you look at upgrading further, you should analyze the needs of your system with you can also use that tool to check your system now, if you like. Just put in the parts you have in your machine and click calculate and it tells you the total wattage your system should draw and gives you a recommended psu wattage. I think you will definitely be fine on your current psu until you start to upgrade more.
  14. Okay this has been an enlightening experience, Thank you so much, I guess i'll hold off on the PSU for a while.
  15. what are the rest of your system specs. With 200-250 you could look at a few different options and i want to look at where that money would best be spent.
  16. Well its in amd anthlon 2 x3 3.1 ghz, 8GB ddr3 ram, 1TB 7500 rpm hd, and this motherboad,, the motherboard isn't too great, and currently no graphics card.
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  18. would be an upgraded cpu for that motherboard. And if you haven't bought the gpu yet, get instead. it is a little bit better.

    EDIT: the cpu above is an optional upgrade. just an option if you want to look into it. Really witht the 6850 and your current cpu you should have a fairly balanced system.
  19. kelthic said: would be an upgraded cpu for that motherboard. And if you haven't bought the gpu yet, get instead. it is a little bit better.

    I'll look into it, I've never heard of sapphire before. But for only about $20 more I might have to get it, and you think my power supply can handle it?
  20. Well the 6850 does require a little more power (25a on the 12v rail) I think you still have a little bit of headroom, but you i'll link you a decent psu in case you don't want to risk that. is a really solid psu that will leave you room for upgrades in the future and provide reliable power for a long, long time.. This puts you a little over your budget between the two parts.
  21. That link just sent me to neweggs home page.
  22. for some reason none of their links are working right today. i had to type the item number in to see your motherboard too. It's the Corsair Enthusiast 650w. Search for that in newegg and you should be able to find it no problems.
  23. The $90 one?
  24. yep 89.99
  25. Alright thanks
  26. no prob :)
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