Just put build together. Making more than expected.

Yeah so I assembled everything and I hooked up an hdmi cable from the box to the tv. I turn on the power and I can see that the cpu heat sink fan is spinning, the back chassis fan is spinning and the gpu card fan is spinning. But the noise from the box is quite loud. is this normal?

I'm not getting a picture on the tv. I have it plugged into hdmi 1.
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  1. Well, I REALLY think you should go find out if one of the fans are really loud. Otherwise, I can't really help you. :P Check your PSU as well, there is a fan (or fans) in that too.
  2. Ok i took the chassis fan out and the noise levels are WAY down
  3. Although I am still not getting a picture. I think I should get a pc monitor and try that?
  4. What do you mean you took the chassis fan out? So you have no exhaust fan running at all?

    I think you're going to run into airflow and temperature problems..
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