Need a harddrive dedicate to download. How should i build it?

Hi forum,

my current situation is that I have two places to live. The place that I usually stay at has very slow connection. The place that I sometimes go once a week has a faster connection.

So what I want to do is to set up a "server" or a computer just to download things for me and I can go get it once every week.

I am not sure how to build the system. It is sort of a waste if i set up a PC with a cheap CPU and motherboard with a hard drive with minimum watt PSU. I am wondering if there are other ways to achieve the same thing, and maybe a harddrive that has a build in cpu and ethernet cable ? I want to know the cheapest way to do this.

Thank you,
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  1. is this just to transfer the things that have been downloaded between sites? i.e. do a bulk download at the fast site and then install/play stuff at the slow site.

    why not a usb HDD?
  2. well what is gogi nto happen is that I am going to keep the download-dedicated system at one site, whenever I get there, I am going to have a portable USB HD to transfer the Downloaded data on the portable USB.

    So yes, exactly what you said. With a usb Hdd, will I be able to access it with a scheduler? for example, when I dont need it, I can turn it off and have it automatically restart at a certain time? and will I be able to hook up a portable USB on to the usb hdd? in other words, can I install windows on the usb hdd? and have it run without a cpu?
  3. yep, no. get a netbook and a usb hdd, netbook running windows, just doing downloading and dumping, and then the hdd provides the storage.
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