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Win 7 Shutdown Issue

In May I got a new PC from Gateway, all stock nothing modified on the box.

i7 2600 CPU @ 3.40 Ghz 8CPU's
NVIDIA Geforce GT 420 4 GB RAM
8 GB of RAM

When I got it I had a version of Win 7 From MSDN Academic Alliance which I did a format and a clean instal to get rid of all the crap and start fresh. I had no issues.

I decided to go ahead and do another format and reinstall. Everything works fine except when I want to shut down the computer it doesn't shut down all the way. It sounds like a casefan still has power, the power button is lit and I can still open my DVD Tray and turn the case lights on. I have to hold down the button for several seconds and do a hard shutdown. It does kill the connection to the monitor and it kills power to my keyboard and mouse. (Both made by razer and backlit)

When It did the problem I did wipe and install a linux distro and it shut down the computer fine which make me believe this a software issue.

I looked online all day for solutions, none have worked. Here are the ones I have tried none have worked.

There was one about a Hotfix. However I upgraded to SP1 which included the hotfix and it would not install it.

There were also several posts about ensuring that windows is allowed to have control over the power features of firewire. I do not have any firewire busses on this PC.

There was another article about an event that may be causing issues, I installed the script by microsoft, still no solution.

All Drivers and OS updated. I have not installed an Antivirus yet, and none of my CD's or drivers have viruses as I have had them scanned on another computer.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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  1. I also stopped my Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service, that also didn't correct the issue.

    And the shutdown Hang happened after the fresh install of Win7, before I installed any software or drivers.
  2. Anyone experience anything like this?
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    I would reinstall the operating system again. Did you check under Control panel, power, advanced settings to check the action of the shut down button? This may be set to sleep or hibernate as well as shutdown.
  4. I solved the problem. When i did the new instal i had my external 1Tb attached via usb. Installer thought it was an additional drive. So during shut down it hung while trying to turn off a phantom disk.
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