Problem with 6870. Low FPS. Can you help?

When I played skyrim on my 5770, it ran pretty good on high graphics. But my new 6870 2gb edition gets terrible FPS on high graphics. Battlefield 3 runs fine. But not skyrim. I've seen some benchmarks of the 6870 and they all prove that it can run skyrim great, but something's up with mine, but only on skyr. Any ideas?
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  1. Did you change anything else besides graphics card? Did you install drivers for HD 6870? It's common misconception that it's same drivers for all AMD cards.
  2. Yea, I replaced the drivers. I've even checked on drivers for all my other hardware and everything is up to date
  3. well, skyrim is a very cpu dependent game, maybe is your cpu. Can you tell which is?
  4. It can't be CPU because it ran fine with HD 5770 with the same CPU. It must be drivers. Do you have a spare partition in which you could fresh install windows? Drivers may be corrupted and corrupted drivers are very difficult to get rid of unless reinstalling windows.

    Also, what is your power supply and did you connect two 6-pin connectors from your power supply to the graphics card?
  5. What driver? What psu?

    Try 12.3 if 12.4 isn't working good.
  6. Try the new 12.6 Beta driver. It has new profiles that might help you.
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