HELP!!! (CPU, GPU or MoBo) System crashes on starting ME3.

Guys my PC is only 1 yr old.
When I start ME3/Alpha Protocol the PC crashes within 10 mins (Maybe due to failsafe as my GPU is bad :pfff: ).
But the older games like Hitman, Splinter Cell all work fine.
Recently the fans make too much noise, so I cleaned them nicely. But still no effect!
I am ready to upgrade my GPU. But if there is any other problem please tell.

PC specs:
AMD Phenom X4 Black Edition 955
1 GB XFX Radeon 4350 HD
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2

Other Info

M not good with hardware but have little knowledge. So pls help.
P.S.: I am considering 5570, 5450, 6670 or 5670 for upgradation (Suggest).
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    What model PSU? Sometimes if a Power supply cannot give enough power to a card, you will get this sort of situation where games that take less GPU power will run but once you put the card under more load, they freeze up. Because of the particulars you described, this is the first thing i would look at.

    System Freezes can also sometimes be the cause of faulty ram. If you run for several passes and come back with any errors, it means you have a bad stick of ram. You would need to test each stick 1 at a time to find which one it is, or better yet, just replace the whole kit with a new kit.

    How did you determine you have a bad GPU? Just out of curiousity.
  2. You need to monitor the heat of the cpu and the gpu to see which one is getting too hot and causing the shutdown. Which fans were getting too loud?

    This chart will help you to see which cards are rated higher and the 5670 or 6670 are the better rated cards according to this chart. [...] 107-7.html
  3. Problem solved! It seems I had dust problem. Though I cleaned it before, I did not open the fan case. Thank you guys for the info!
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