Please advise on a $1500 sff/mid tower gaming build (revised)

This is the parts list I have in mind.

If anyone has any suggested changes, please let me know, and why of course.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Why a mini-itx? Never mind the fact that you give up a lot of space for ease of building and future expansion. Have you checked the measurements and made sure that the gtx 670 will fit in that case?

    I would get the G-Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 RAM. It will perform better for only about $10 more. 2 x 4 Gb is good.

    I would get the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. The Pro has features that you will not use for a gaming build.
  2. The reason I am going mini-itx is because I want to keep it in my living room, attached to my tv. If you have any recommended cases that are aesthetically appealing, and under about 10'' I would be happy to change. I would prefer a more expandable system, actually. I just haven't found a case for that.
  3. Yeah... Unfortunately, I don't know any other cases that are under 10" with better quality.

    O.. and are you trying to overclock? If yes, you would need an aftermarket CPU cooler. Something like this: .

    If you don't want to OC, just get the i5 3550 or 3450
  4. I am thinking that I might oc it in the future. But that is something for the future. Would it be advisable to buy an aftermarket cooler now, like the NH-L12 even before I start oc'ing?
  5. After further consideration a small mid tower case will do well in the space I have. Any recommendations on which I should choose would be welcome. Right now I am considering a Thermaltake V3 Black. Please advise.
  6. I have found some mid tower cases that would work. I am thinking about the Diablotek Reaction CPA-8817D3. This is my adjusted build idea, but the case is not in the database yet.

    Please advise.
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