Which PSU should i get?

I'm building my first computer soon and am not at all sure which power supply to get. I'm from Australia and will be ordering from PccaseGear.com so if you could check it out and find a good Power supply under $90 AUD it would be helpful.
The other parts i'm getting.
CPU - Intel i3-3220
GPU - Asus Radeon 7850 2gb V2
Mobo - Asrock z77 extreme 4
RAM - Corsair 8gb
HDD - Seagate 1TB
Optical Drive - Lite on iHas DVDRW
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  1. Thanks.
  2. I would choose the Antec VP550P ($65)
    Because it is indy regulated, whereas the Neo Eco and Silverstone are group regulated. I don't know about the CX500 (v3 / 80 Plus Bronze), although I would expect it to be group regulated as well.
    Also, in the review units at least, it used Japanese caps, whereas the others mentioned so far use Taiwanese or Chinese caps, as well as sometimes Japanese ones.


    The 450W version is also good.
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