Bought a BRAND NEW Asus CM 6830 without video/graphic card. got home.. opened box.. installed video card it is a radeon diamond 7750 tried to boot and now its giving me a disk error.. i took it out and tried regular boot but since i put it in i it up.. how do i fix this? omg :(
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  1. Did it work before? What kind of error is it?

    Open up the PC and check whether the hard drive is connected to both your motherboard via sata data cable and to your power supply via sata power cable.
  2. I never powered the desktop before, i should have but i didnt think it would do that
    its all connected. When i start up it does a check for errors on disk. countdown ect... gets to windows loading for startup... but then it just gives me an error and says has to restart before i can reconfigure windows
  3. i didnt even set it up yet :\
  4. says cannont complete dsk check because of recently installed software/hardware.. :(\
  5. You probably bought a bad computer. If I were you, I'd take the graphics card out, and take it to ASUS. Don't tell them you added a graphics card on your own, they could use it as reason (though stupid one, no PC should just stop working from graphics card) not to accept the return. Just tell them that when you got it home, it didn't work from first boot.

    Also, what are the specs and how much you paid for it? Pre built PCs tend to have terrible performance/price ratio, so if it's an option, it might be better getting a refund for it.
  6. it was a bad computer, they replaced me, everything is good to go
  7. glad you solved it ;)
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