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Which power supply is better?

Is more expensive really better?

SILVERSTONE Strider Gold Evolution SST-ST85F-G 850W


ENERMAX Platimax EPM850EWT 850W
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  1. The enermax power supply is a 80 plus platinum power supply which means it will have a higher amount of efficiency over the gold power supplies. I don't know much about the silverstone psu I have seen the enermax platimax around if you were however going to go with a gold 80 plus I would go with this one.

  2. I would put any one of these supplies in a quality build - what sort of $$ are we talking about?
  3. money and what are your intentions build wise?
  4. The Silverstone units are made by Enhance Electronics and the Enermax units are actually made by Enermax. Both lines are very highly rated. I agree with dish_moose, either would be a great choice for a high quality build.
  5. Guys I was thinking the same thing both are good. I have a silverstone zeus 650 watt that is runnign good for many many years. My doubt was the rails. Silverstone only has single rails now,The enermax has 4 like my old silverstone. I am doing a slow build up, Thinking Rampage iv with 64 gig memory and extreme processor. I was reading allot and many debates on single versies multiple rails for safety protection of parts. Both have same dimensions. Its a 50.00 difference but the silverstone raven 3 case i got for this build of course recommends silverstone power supplies.
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    Yea I don't think you could go wrong with either power supply you suggested. I wouldn't spend the extra to get to 80 plus platinum unless it was something you really wanted. I have a corsair ax850 and I love it its a single rail power supply I'm not sure what the ups and downs are but I know there are plenty of large 12v single rail power supplies out there.

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