Uninstalled Graphic card Drivers, now unable to install a newer versio

Hey everyone viewing this thread. I have recently discovered my games, have been rather differing in color and been lagging. I've fixed this before last year, re-newing my graphic card drivers without a problem. Now I have an issue trying to install/download newer ones.
I use Windows XP 64-bit, and it's a separate component from Ubuntu Mint. I tried to install Wine for Ubuntu, though I been having issues with that.
Anyways before I go into further detail with that. I have Nvidia GeForce cards, 420 series.
Something like that, that's all the information I know to be honest. As of now I was thinking about restarting my computer, not so sure about how that'll help it out and yes I have tried downloading it several times.
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  1. Quote:
    You cant install the drivers in Windows or Linux ?
    Tried registry cleaner?
    what exactly did you do ?

    Not sure how to really explain, but I followed a step-by-step here:
    This is the same step I used last year and it worked perfectly.

    This is the error message I received; Nvidia installer cannot continue
    "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"
    This is the first it ever did this, I wrote information down from last year(still looking for it)
  2. Quote:
    and Can you install the older drivers?
    Chances are It's just registry issues. Run Registry Cleaners, see if that helps.

    Ok thanks, I'll see what happens then.
    I just am a little surprised and don't want anything to go wrong after this, and to get our friend to fix our computer again.
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